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Carved Organ Panel from The Cincinnati Organ (Cincinnati, Ohio, late 19th century)

This panel is one of a number of other panels carved to decorate a Hook and Hastings Pipe Organ installed in 1878, at the Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH.  The panels were designed and carved by Ben Pittman, William Fry, Henry Fry and their students, many of whom were women.  The organ was removed from the Music Hall in 1974 during a renovation.  Some of the panels were re-installed in the orchestra pit.  Other panels were distributed to various individuals and organizations in the Cincinnati area.  The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH) is planning to restore 20+ additional panels.  The Panels will be displayed  after they are restored at the Cincinnati Music Hall once pending renovations are completed in October 2017.  Articles about the organ and panels have been published in the SPMH Music Hall Marks newsletter; winter 2010 Music Hall Marks and winter 2011 Music Hall MarksFor more information or to donate to this project visit the website of The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall.   

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