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Conservation treatment

•Surveys – ranging from general collection to item specific

•Preservation planning and care of collections

•Disaster planning and mitigation

•Recovery of items damaged by fire, flood, and tornados

•Exhibition consulting

•Matting and framing services

•Custom housing

•Condition examination of objects prior to purchase


•Digitization of artwork, historical documents and photographs

•Digital reproductions of documents and photographs

Reproductions of architectural elements, furniture and frames

•Consulting and training for digital photo documentation

•Wood identification

•Fiber identification

Heller Conservation Services, located near Nashville, Tennessee, specializes in the conservation and restoration of furniture, wooden artifacts, frames, gilding, historic documents, works of art on paper, three-dimensional works on paper, and photographic materials.  Our clients include individuals, historical societies, museums (small and large), corporate collections, and insurance companies.  Item specific and general collection surveys as well as collection treatments have been performed throughout the middle Atlantic and southeastern United States by the associates at Heller Conservation Services.  Funding for these surveys and treatments have been provided, in part, by Save America’s Treasures, IMLS, NEH, Pew, Luce and Mellon Foundations.

Heller Conservation Services also offers disaster planning, mitigation and recovery services - from hurricane Floyd in 1999 to treatments and surveys of a number of house museum and privately owned collections performed after ruinous fires.  As a result of these events, we have developed close working relationships with insurance adjustors and appraisers.  These associations allow us to put clients in touch with professionals who can offer guidance and support after disasters occur.  A note on insurance: unfortunately individual and institutional collections are often under insured or not properly insured.  We urge frequent policy reviews and can offer suggestions for those with art collections.

Services Provided