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Paper Conservation

Paper conservation treatments can vary widely in scope.  Often the fragility of the paper or the type of media will dictate what can be done to the object.  The main goal of most treatments is to preserve and stabilize the condition of the item and then a secondary goal may be to improve the appearance.  We have experience working on a variety of works on paper that include prints, drawings, watercolors, Noguchi lampshades, three-dimensional works on paper, paintings on paper, wallpaper, documents and mounted botanical specimens.

Treatment Examples (click on each of the images for more information):

Treatment steps may include:

  1. Consolidation of media

  2. Surface cleaning

  3. Mold removal

  4. Reduction of stains and tidelines

  5. Pressure sensitive tape removal

  6. Washing to reduce acidity and discoloration

  7. Removal of acidic backing boards

  8. Mending tears or application of Japanese paper linings

  9. Humidification and flattening