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Three Small Watercolors

20th century; Transparent and opaque watercolor on wove, cold pressed, watercolor paper

The watercolors had become disfigured from foxing stains.  The paperboard laminate was reduced initially using a scalpel to the final layers and then moisture was used from the verso to release the water soluble adhesive.  A fixative was applied to stabilize colors that were sensitive to water.  The watercolors were carefully washed using blotters and capillary matting to minimize the presence of water on the top.  Various solutions were applied locally on the foxing stains to reduce their appearance as possible.  A new, three window, acid-free, 100% rag, buffered window mat was cut to match the old mat and it was re-framed using the old frame with new acid-free, buffered backing boards

PaperDawn Heller