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Carved Baroque Period Frame

The objective of this treatment was to consolidate loose surface areas, gesso fill areas of loss and in-gild fills without changing the pre-treatment appearance of the frame.  The surfaces of this carved frame, possibly French, were severely abraded leaving only small islands of visible gilding scattered over its surface.  In addition, the previous repair of a fracture, in the upper frame rail, had failed.  After removing wire nails from the area of the fracture a two-part paste epoxy was liberally applied to the contact surfaces of the break and light clamping pressure was applied.  Excess epoxy was later carved to blend with adjacent surface profiles.  The existing gilt surface was consolidated with rabbet skin glue.  Surface losses were filled with toned gesso and coated with red bole to match the original bole.  Restoration gilding was selectively applied to the restoration bole surfaces.  The restoration gold leaf was selectively reduced and and toned with pigments and resins to integrate the surface appearance.

FramesDawn Heller