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Slant Top Desk

New Jersey; c. 1800

The feet and front apron had been altered and a victorian era varnish stain had been applied.  The varnish had been mostly removed prior to conservation treatment.  The feet and apron were replicated based on extant period forms.  The prospect door in the interior was fabricated based on extant period examples.  Losses and missing moulding were replicated. The fall-board was restored and re-attached.  Restorations were blended to match adjacent surfaces with dyes and pigments.  A thin coat of shellac was applied overall to reintegrate the appearance of the surface.  The surface was then waxed.  The wood knobs (later additions) were replaced with reproductions, from Optimum Brasses, based on evidence and scarring found on the drawer fronts.

FurnitureDawn Heller