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Walnut Desk & Bookcase

c. 1770; possibly Accomac, Virginia

All surfaces were cleaned to remove surface grime and mold.  The interior writing surface fabric, cornice and feet, which were later additions, were removed.  It is interesting to note that the profile of the pre-treatment cornice is similar to architectural profiles found in Asher Benjamin’s books.  The replicated cornice and feet are based on extant 18th century profiles.  The upper, previously restored edges of the outer drawer fronts, were replaced with walnut to more closely match adjacent grain patterns.  Missing interior partitions and valences were replicated. All restorations were finished and patinated to match adjacent surfaces.  Hardware was replaced with reproductions from Optimum Brasses based on evidence and scarring found on the drawer fronts.  The existing finish was cleaned, consolidated where needed with thin shellac and waxed.

FurnitureDawn Heller